How to Clean You Car's Interior

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The key for cleaning the interior is the vacuum! Get a good strong shop vac or a canister vacuum. If you don't have these, most car washes have very good vacuums which you can pay for a quarter at a time.

Vacuum everything! The floor, the seats, the dash. It took a long time for the dirt to work its way into the carpets. It will take some time for the vacuum to get it out again. Use an interior brush to free the dirt and the vacuum to remove it. Carrand makes good interior brushes.

For pet hair, run the vacuum and use a pet hair brush at the same time. Getting all the pet hair out can take a while.

Once you've done the best you can removing the loose dirt, it's time to clean. Use a general purpose cleaner like Simple Green diluted 50% or Windex Multi-surface. Never use ammonia based products on the windows. It can damange window tinting turning it purple and eliminating the UV protection. For the leather use a leather cleaner like Lexol.

Then it's just a matter of applying leather conditioner to the leather surfaces and vinyl conditioner to everything else. Always use water based products or the surfaces will be greasy and tend to attact dirt.

The glass can be cleaned with Windex or preferably the Stoner Invisible glass. A dedicated microfiber towel can then wipe the window clean.

Yeah, it's just that simple.

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