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If you need cruises, car reservations, airfares, or vacation packages, try Expedia. They're perhaps the leader in online travel, with magazines like Forbes and PC Magazine singing their praises. Try them and see what everyone is enjoying.

Discount travel is a rapidly moving space. Expedia.com has the size to help you save the most money. Their last minute deals are quite good and always up to date. Try them for the perfect spontanious get-away.

Use them for all your travel needs. Products include vacation packages, hotels, flights, cruises, cars, deals, maps, corporate travel, and destinations/interests. We particularly like their destinations and interests area. It provides some great ideas for vacations.

Expedia tailors their products to help you reach your vacation goals regardless of your location. Try them today for a relaxing vacation.

Recently they announced direct connections with the central reservations systems (CRS) of Hyatt Corporation and Outrigger Hotels & Resorts. This makes it easier and more cost-effective for its hotel property owners to manage the inventory and reservations provided to the more than 12 million travelers shopping monthly at their site. They are the number-one seller of hotel rooms online.

They also launched a huge cruise promotion in conjunction with Wave Days. In addition to already great deals on cruises of all types and lengths, Wave Days will provide exclusive booking perks and benefits to cruisers who reserve on during the promotion period.

Last Minute Flight Deals
Vacation deals from $435, up to half off hotels
Hybrid Car Deals
Typical savings: $220 with hotel and Air booked together

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