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Cheap Tires

cheap car and truck tires how to buy cheap tires

Get cheap tires from Tire Rack. They carry cheap car and trucks tires. Tire Rack sells the same tires you pay much more for at a local tire store. Their tire picker helps you pick the right tire for your car or truck with confidence. They also have a network of tire installers to install the tire you choose.

Here's how to buy cheap tires from Tire Rack:
  • Use the web chooser to decide on your car or truck tires.
  • Your zip code helps you select a Tire Rack installer near you.
  • Pick an installer Tire Rack refers to based on their ratings.
  • After your tires arrive, bring your car or truck to the installer where your and tires are installed.

First Time Buyer's Experience Buying Cheap Tires

One of the female DealCloset workers was recently told she needed new tires. She was anxious, but started with our simple stepes above that explain how to buy cheap tires for her car.

She found the TireRack tire chooser made it easy to find the right tire. All she needed to know was the make, model, and year her car was manufactured. She also learned the trade offs between the different tires that were available by reading the TireRack reviews. She bought Continental tires for her car since they were highly rated. She hadn't heard about Continental before, but using TireRack she learned these were excellent tires.

From there the process remained simple, she entered her zip code and TireRack showed a list of tire installers in her area. Again the extensive reviews made it easy to know that they would do a good job.

When she completed the purchase, TireRack asked if she wanted the tires shipped to the installer she selelcted. She said yes.

When the tires arrived at the installer's location they called and made an appointement for installation. The installation took about 45 minutes. The waiting room was clean and the workers nice and helpful. Of course, by now she expected that! The review said that's how the place would be.

When she drove her car home she was pleasently surprised to discover that the car was quieter and rode nicer with the new tires. Again just like the tire reviews said! Frankly she didn't expect that. She's not really a car person, and she figured that tires were tires. They aren't and TireRack makes it easy to be delighted with your tires.

How to buy Cheap Rims and Tires

If you had a flat and damaged your rims or wheels, TireRack also sells those. When you buy both a wheels and tires, Tire Rack will mount and balance the tires. Then it's simply a matter or changing your wheels. This is pretty similar to changing your tire when you have a flat.

Rims for cars typically come in steel or aluminum (alloy). Steel rims are heavier, less expensive, and more easily repaired. Alloy wheels cost more, can look nicer and are lighter. Unfortunately, it may not be economical to fix them if they are bent. In competition, reduced weight can make the difference between first and second place. So people racing generally favor alloy wheels.

Recommended Tire Brands

For a higher performing passenger car, we recommend BF Goodrich, Continental or Michelin. For competion, and track racing most people prefer Hooser or Kumho tires. The racing performance tire is Hoosier. Unfortunately, a consequence of the better performance is quicker wear with Hoosiers. For the more budget minded, Kumho perform nicely and handle well. You should see longer life with these tires.

You don't need to compromise on brand when buying from Tire Rack. They have FIrestone, General Tire, BF Goodrich, Dunlop, Bridgestore, Continential, Goodyear, Hoosier, Kumho, Sumitomo, Uniroyal, Michelin, Perelli, Yokohama, Winterforce, and Wintermaster.

Specialty Tires

People wanting the most from their car require tires for many conditions. Tire Rack carries tires with studs, snow tires, summer tires, and other specialty tires. Some states don't allow studed tires on their roads. Chains are sometimes allowed in particularly bad conditions in those states. Remember not to exceed the manufacturers recommended speeds with chains. At higher speeds chains can break and wrap around the car's axle. This can be quite a costly problem to fix, so it's best avoided. Snow tires don't work as well on dry pavement, so it's important to switch the tires when the weather improves.

Tire Rack often has great specials on tires in addition to their generally lower prices. Check back often to see their latest specials. Right now they have a special on Goodyear tires. If you race, it's best to buy your tires in advance if you find a special on either Hoosier or Kumho tires. Specials:

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