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Travelosity provides a wide array of air fare. They always have very reasonable prices. Take advantage of their exclusive Sabre reservation system. Most airlines are represented. They have a special page for the status of your flight

If you are looking for current deals on various trips they summarize many of these.

For the intrepid traveler, try shopping by price. Enter the money you have to spend, and they'll show you where you can visit. This includes such locations as Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Canada, and of course the United States.

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Discount travel is a rapidly moving space. has the size to help you find cheap air fare. Their last minute deals are quite good and always up to date. Try them for the perfect spontanious get-away.

If you need cruises, car reservations, airfares, or vacation packages, try Expidia. They're perhaps the leader in cheap air fare, with magazines like Forbes and PC Magazine singing their praises.

Use them for all your travel needs. Products include vacation packages, hotels, flights, cruises, cars, deals, maps, corporate travel, and destinations/interests. We particularly like their destinations and interests area. It provides some great ideas for vacations.

Expidia tailors their products to help you reach your vacation goals regardless of your location. Try them today for a relaxing vacation.


We've been using lately since they often have cheap air fares that do better than reserving seats through the airline itself. Recently the American airlines site was quoting a price twice as expensive as the same flight on Orbitz. This is a huge difference, so we just go right to Orbitz.

We love the special services Orbitz gives us. They send email a couple of days before a trip to remind us we're leaving town. Then they call 3 hours before the flight to remind us to go to the airport. Of course if the plane is late, we get a call too.

Of course this is all configurable. We could elect to get no calls, or get pages or SMS messages. It's quite nice really.

They also support making reservations to multiple cities. It's pretty easy to use, but it doesn't work very well if you want a peculiar combination of airlines for your tickets. In those cases we use Expedia. They don't call as much as Orbitz to remind us where to go, but they can handle very complex reservations.

Travel reservation rates rapidly change. uses the Sabre network to supply the available reservations. Their software, which is what travel agents use, stays current with the discounted fares. The result are good fares to help you save the most money.

Travelosity provides price comparisons and competitive rates for last minute deals, cruises, airfares, hotel reservations, car reservations, and train reservations. Try their great last minute deals. We have a access to this great special:

Take $50 off any Travelosity Last Minute Deal!

For all travel, use their travel diretory to help decide where you want to travel. Travelosity even helps with hotel reservations outside the US, so you'll have reservations no matter where you arrive. Their reservation system for airlines is quite complete. Airline reservations are available for United, Continential, American, US air and more.

They've decided to really take on the other online travel services with great offers.

They divide their offerings by flights, hotels, cars/Rail, vacations, cruises, last minute travel deals, and travel guides and advice. Travelosity helps with all aspects of travel. We particularly like their Last Minute Deals area. They divide the area for ideas by Sun and Beach, Vagas/Casino, under $250, Food and Wine, Top Sellers, International, Hotel Only, and Outdoors. They also have special last minute deals for flights, cars, adn hotels. Last minute deals on flights are from 3 to 14 days from the time of your reservation. When we last checked, they have 76 departure cities.

Try train travel if you're going to Europe. Get help with those reservations, and any train reservations worldwide. Use their easy system to make train and rail reservations.