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Perfect Weather for Tires
BF Goodrich supplies tires for tuners, sports cars, passenger cars, SUV's, sport truckes, pickup trucks, and off road. These tires are often used as original equipment on new cars. For example the HUMMER concept vehicle, and 2005 Ford Mustang use BF Goodrich tires.

Fortunately, Tirerack carries a great supply of BF Goodrich tires. We have used the Tirerack ourselves for tires and were very impressed with how easy it is even for a car novice.

It's really easy to buy tires online and save money in the process. Tirerack makes choosing the correct tire easy with their easy online tire selector. If you prefer BF Goodrich tires, you can select BF Goodrich tires as you go throught the selection process. All you need to know to find the right tire for your car is the year your car was made and the make and model. No knowlege of cars is required at all. Tirerack will give you the option to ship your choosen tires to one of the installers that they have listed. We have used this system and it works really well.

Once the installer gets your tires from Tirerack they call you and make an appointment. Balancing the replacing the tires and anything else required is handled by the installer.

One other option for tires is eBay. Below we list the current BF Goodrich tires available from eBay:

To keep your tires running smoothly longer it's important to keep them properly inflated, rotated, and aligned. Be sure the tire installer checks your alignment or that your regular mechanic fixes your alignment just after you get new tires.

Goodyear tire has a good guide for tire maintenance. They cover how to check if your tire tread is too low, how to maintain proper inflation of the tires, the reason to balance tires, and more.
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