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HP IPAQ Handhelds
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It is rare that we find a truly exceptional deal on Palms. Overstock has the best deals we've ever seen. Take a look at their awesome prices on palms icon .

If you want an inexpensive navigation system combined with gps, buy the garmin pda ique 3600 gps. icon It has voice control, and will tell you the directions so you don't need to be distracted while you drive. They also have a car kit so that it safely attached to your car.

If you need the Palm Pilot functionality and want to connect to an 802.11 network the Tungsten C icon is for you.

If you've been running out of space on your old palm, want support for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or it just doesn't go fast enough, try the Tungsten T2 icon . We've been using it to take notes in meetings for over a month now with the small keyboard accessory (sold separately), and it's great. The combination is less than a pound. It's tiny so we carry it everywhere. The processing power and capabilities are close to those of a PC.
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120x60 Palm Logo- Static Buy from the manufacturer!
Palm has updated their line of products. We like the new Tungsten PDA's improved screen and faster processor. Zire is based on the old processor, so it's a good low cost alternative, but our friends are all moving to the Tungsten.
Palm Special page
FREE Shipping on everything at the Palm Store!
Check out incredible deals from the Palm Factory Outlet.Click here!

Palm Central at! is offering great deals on the new Palms. Be sure to check their prices before you buy. They are carrying the Palm Tungsten W, Palm Tungsten T, Palm Zire, and the Palm m130, m500, m515, and Palm i705.
Most of their Palm's qualify for free shipping too.


C4S_PDAs PDAs and Handhelds - Computers4SURE
We've been impressed with Computer4Sure's great prices and quick shipping.

120x60 Go wireless with a new PDA! Shop at CompUSA
Use their search box to find their selection of PDA's at good prices.

TD PDAs/Handhelds Special offers on PDAs and handhelds - Click here
The DealCloset staff always takes a look at this site before buying electronics equipment. It *does* vary slightly compared to their sister site, Computers4Sure.

100x100 Logo HP carries cutting edge iPAQ PDA's as a result of their Compaq aquisition. Check out their iPAQ h910, iPAQ h1945, iPAQ h2215, iPAQ h5455, iPAQ h5555. They are all pocket pc's and use the new faster XScale processor. The site still carries HP's Jornada.
120x30 HP Shopping Logo