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Visit Los Vegas and experience for yourself the legendary excitement. Most people are aware that Los Vegas evolved from a strip of questionable hotels and smoky gambling. Now families can enjoy themselves with a wide range of Las Vagas shows from top notch entertainers.

The hotels are spectacular. The Ballagio has a wonderful show in front with its water fountains. There are over 1000 fountains which put on a show to music by Copland and Strauss. This is really a night time stop to make.

There are several Las Vagas hotels that aim to replicate places in Europe, but in miniature. Paris is one fascinating hotel. They spent $760 Million on this resort that provides a Parisian experience here in the US. The replicas are really remarkable.

The Venetian is even nicer than the Paris Hotel. The Venetian replicates the charm of Venice including canals. At the Venetian you can see Blue Man Theatre which is a sensory performance. It includes music, touch, sounds, art and more. The Venetian even has a museum! The Guggenheim Hermitage Museum has Rubens and His Age: Masterpieces from the Hermitage Museum. The exhibit includes over 40 pieces by Rubens and other Flemish artists from the baroque era.

There is also the old standby hotels like the MGM, which is clean and efficient, but lacks the special effects of the more elaborate hotels. They often have shows at the MGM like Howie Mandel and David Copperfield.

Cirque du Soleil provides a wonderful show of acrobatics. The current show tells a story, weaving fantastic acrobatics, puppetry, martial arts and interactive video. The story is a tale of Imperial Twins who begin a journey that leads to their destinies.

Many people travel to Los Vegas these days for the spas. The fanciest hotels aren't required for a great spa experience. The little things and attentive staff matter most with spas. A friend of DealCloset recently visited several spas and found Caesars the best. They had orange slices in the water and the sauna was a perfect temperature. The list went on...

We recommend using Travelocity to find good deals on Las Vagas hotels . They feature the popular hotels with reviews. For people who aren't sure where they'd prefer, they help narrow the choice.

If you're interested in Las Vagas Shows , Expedia now allows you to buy tickets to various events.

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